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Meet Kenneth Hammontree

Call him General Eisenhower or General Patton.  Or call him Tecumseh, legendary Shawnee leader.  How about Daniel Boone?  Or better yet, just call him Kenneth Hammontree.  No, he’s not identity challenged, he’s Mr. Ohio History–a walking historical library. After college, Ken began teaching American and Ohio History.  He was surprised to learn that many of…

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Harry S. Truman

U.S. PRESIDENT (1884-1972) Outspoken, sometimes outrageous, always full of uncommon insights with the down-home, across-the-back-fence feeling of a great storyteller. The thirty-third president went into his Presidency completely in the dark on National and international events, and yet had to make some of the most difficult decisions any President had to make up to that…

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Alan Turing

ENGLISH MATHEMATICIAN (1912-1954) Turing was a brilliant mathematician in Quantum Mechanics, Logic and was the creator of the “Turing Machine,” the forerunner of the modern-day computer.  Upon British declaration of war in 1939, Turing  began full-time work at the wartime cryptanalytic headquarters in Bletchly Park in England. Turing took up where the Polish work on…

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