Alan Turing


(1912-1954) Turing was a brilliant mathematician in Quantum Mechanics, Logic and was the creator of the “Turing Machine,” the forerunner of the modern-day computer.  Upon British declaration of war in 1939, Turing  began full-time work at the wartime cryptanalytic headquarters in Bletchly Park in England.

Turing took up where the Polish work on the Enigma became limited in the very particular way the Germans had been using the Enigma.  The way forward lay in Turing’s generalization of the Polish Bombe into a far more powerful device capable of breaking any Enigma message where a small portion of plain text could be guessed correctly.

From late 1940 through the war Turing Bombe made reading of the Luftwaffe, German Naval and Army communications and open letter to the Allies.  One could say that Alan Turing saved the Battle of the Atlantic, prepared the way for D-Day and shortened World War Two by three years.